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Museo Palazzo Pistilli


In Palazzo Pistilli is set up the art collection that Michele Praitano donated to the State in 2014, it formed of over fifty years of research in Italy and abroad.

Each work has in itself, not only the story of its creation and the reflection of an era, and of a cultural context, but also the story of the acquisition of this passionate collector: the meetings with artists, antique dealers and other characters;  the Artistic choices focused above all on nine-twentieth-century painting inspired by realism, impressionism and classicity, the successes and the disappointments.

Napoli was the historical-artistic and market context most explored by Praitano, also preferred to find those links to the Molise authors with a city that opened up also to international experiences. The collection offers many hints of enjoyment and even reflection.

The works are in dialogue with those of Giovanni Eliseo's collection - donated by his son Massimo to the state on December 14th, 2012 - and with the Giuseppe Ottavio Eliseo’s  collection, acquired by the Province of Campobasso.


salita San Bartolomeo, 18
86100 Campobasso


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