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Museo archeologico nazionale Concordiese


The building has two floors. On the ground floor there is a hall and a large room with three aisles (basilica). This floor hosts architectural exhibits, funeral stele, portrays and epigraphic material arranged according to the antique standards of the 1800s. On the floor along the central nave there are three mosaic pavements, two with geometrical motives and the third with The Three Graces. The adjacent room, on the right hand side from the entrance houses decorative elements from public and private living areas of Concordia as well as coins found in Concordia’s countryside. On the first floor the displays hold the materials found by local collectors and by Dario Bertolini in his excavation works at the end of the 19th century. These are artefacts from the pre-Roman and Roman times of the city, such us some bronze figures. Further down there are some fragile exhibits divided in groups: glass, stones, amber adornments, lamps and other every day use objects. Finally there is a collection of various objects found during excavation works in Consordia Sagittaria


via Seminario, 26
30026 Portogruaro


Monday-Sunday 8.30-19.30

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Ph: +39 042 172674
Closure: Domenica 19 luglio e domenica 9 agosto CHIUSI al pubblico
Full: 6,00 € (+ archaeological area in Concordia); CARD: Area Archeologica in Concordia, MAN Altino 9,00 € (15,00 € + MNA del Mare di Caorle)
Reduced: 2 €; card: Area archeologica in Concordia, MAN Altino 4,00 € (6,00 € + MNA del Mare in Caorle)