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Museo Archeologico Nazionale e Area Archeologica di Altino

Quarto d'Altino

The National Archaeological Museum of Altino presents to the public the most representative archaeological finds from pre-Roman and Roman Altino, city and major port of the ancient Veneto. The ground floor houses the prehistoric, Bronze Age and Iron Age sections of the town (in addition to a sampling of prehistoric materials from the lagoon) with the exhibition of prehistoric finds from the Mesolithic to the Bronze / Iron Age passage, and artifacts from pre-Roman times related to the village, places of worship and cemeteries including two horses burials. The reconstructions of  important funerary contexts in a wooden box and the roof tiles fence document the funerary rituals at Altino in the fifth century. B.C. and during the Romanization period. It continues on the first floor with the indigenous settlement of the Romanization period and with the Roman town of Altinum. The course discusses aspects of continuity and change determined by progressive contact with the reality of Rome and documents the various aspects of public and private life of the municipium: urban, architectural, corporate, artistic expression, trade. 


via S. Eliodoro, 56
30020 Quarto d'Altino


April–September: Tuesday–Sunday 8.30–19.30: October–March: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8.30–19.30; Tuesday, Thursday 9.00–14.15

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