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Museo nazionale Jatta

Ruvo di Puglia

The Jatta National Museum undoubtedly occupies a place of primary importance in the panorama of the Apulian and Italian museums, not only because of the extraordinary artistic value of the archaeological collections possessed but above all for the events related to its formation and development, emblematic of the archaeological culture of 19th century and for the contribution it provides to the reconstruction of the social and civil history of the city of Ruvo at that time.Located in the historical center of Ruvo Of Puglia, in the province of Bari, the Jatta National Museum is located to the eighteenth-century Palazzo Jatta.The four exhibition rooms on the ground floor, designed to host a collection of over two thousand archaeological finds, are the core of one of the richest and most famous Apulian museums, thanks also to the careful cataloging process that has been included in the publication of the 'Catalog of the collection' (Naples 1869).The Jatta Museum is one of the rarest examples of a nineteenth-century private collection that has remained unaltered in the original museographic design and represents, for that unaltered relationship between content and container, a document through which it is possible to trace architectural shapes, furnishings and ideas that Presided over its realization, providing a precious testimony to the cultural temperament of the nineteenth century.


piazza G. Bovio, 35
Ruvo di Puglia


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