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Rocca Albornoz - Museo nazionale del Ducato di Spoleto


The museum is located inside the Rocca, in the upper part of the historic center of Spoleto. The museum was born to document the history of the Duchy, born thanks to the Longobards, a Germanic population that broke the political unity of the Italian peninsula in the 6th century AD. The Rocca was built at the wish of the Spanish Cardinal Egidio Albornoz from 1360. Pontificates and popes. Today, with the progressive recuperation of environments and wall paintings that still adorn the walls, the complex has finally regained its primitive charm after being used for a long time as a prison.The museum offers an interesting document of knowledge of the Spoleto area from the 4th to the 15th century and at the same time illustrates, through panels, the beauty of the frescoed environments in which the works are exhibited. Opened in 2007, the museum was born thanks to a collection of works of art and materials, already largely preserved at the premises of the civic museum and pinacoteca, useful to document the origins, development and multiple historical and Cultural heritage of the Longobard Ducato of Spoleto. It is divided into two spaces around the courtyard of Honor, one on the ground floor and the other on the first floor, divided into fifteen rooms. All in all, the collection of works covers a period of time dating back to the 4th century AD with testimonies of the first Christian communities until the fifteenth century. Considered as an instrument suitable for the knowledge of the city and the area, the museum intends to perceive the visitor the complexity of the historical events that affected him and at the same time his cultural livelihood even after the fall of the Duchy. The route dates back to the 4th century, showing the first Christian communities with materials from funerary areas and adjacent cult buildings, emphasizing the phenomenon of monasticism. It continues with works from the 6th to the 9th centuries, witnesses to the artistic landscape evolution, and concludes with sculptures and paintings from the 12th to the 15th century which well document the extraordinary artistic blossoming of the city and the territory such as the Triptych of Santa Maria delle Thanks to Niccolò di Liberatore. The route completes the route illustrative charts that take into account the historical function of each crossed environment.


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