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Antiquarium e zona archeologica di Canne della Battaglia


The site of Cannae (now named Canne della Battaglia) – famed for the epic battle in 216 BC between the Romans and Carthaginians – stands on a hill in the lower Ofanto valley.The Antiquarium houses the museum exhibition, which is mounted on a single floor, along with various offices. Its large windows establish a connection between the archaeological artefacts and the uncontaminated natural scenery. The small building was built in 1958 to house finds from the excavations conducted in the area, using plaster models and panels to illustrate Hannibal’s tactical manoeuvres and the deployment of the armies, during the battle of 216 BC. In 1999 the display was renewed respecting modern educational needs, presenting the history of the population in the area, from the Neolithic period to the organisation of indigenous settlements, to the Middle Ages.The current display was inaugurated in 2017, enriched by the multimedia room and spaces for educational events, documenting the history of Cannae from Prehistory to the Middle Ages. The visitor’s itinerary follows a chronological and thematic order, illustrating with objects and a wide range of texts the historical evolution of the site and its interaction with the surrounding Ofanto area. The educational features, lively graphics and rich multimedia elements offer a stimulating visit. Particular emphasis is focused on the historical battle of the Second Punic War in 216 BC. The carefully documented story of the battle is told in a video reconstruction, visible in 3D, in the multimedia room, and also via historical sources in interactive multimedia units, featuring tactical manoeuvres and protagonists.The visit to the Archaeological Park offers two itineraries: the first to the main hill, site of the Roman Arx mentioned in the Latin sources, and the medieval castle, basilica and settlement. The second itinerary leads to the early Christian basilica, to the area of the Daunian dwellings with its simple “oven” tombs, and then to the furnace and the medieval burial ground.


Frazione Canne della Battaglia
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