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Ex Chiesa di San Mattia


The Ex Church of San Mattia was built by Pietro Fiorini from 1575 and consecrated in 1588. It was added to the Dominican Convent, with the simple façade situated on the road, via Sant'Isaia, perfectly integrating with the surrounding urban environment. The interior appearance is sumptuous and spectacular and it is thanks to the "modernization" of the ornamental details and paintings from the mid-eighteenth century  of Peter Scandellari who was a "quadraturista" and artists Nicola Bertuzzi Taroni and Tertullian. At the same time, there was also a transformation of the Serliane and of the Oculus in the top middle part, into large rectangular windows. In 1799, following the suppression of religious orders who were being sought by the Napoleonic government, the church of St. Matthias was separated from the convent, desecrated and reduced to a warehouse. The restoration started in 1981 and was completed in 1994 under the sole responsibility of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, and has brought to light many stucco and frescoes. These have been entrusted to the Regional Directorate for Cultural Heritage of the State Property Agency of Emilia Romagna, and the Church of San Mattia has become a centre for meetings, exhibitions, conferences on architecture, urban planning, design, the study of historical heritage - artistic-landscaping in Emilia-Romagna.


via Sant’Isaia, 14/a
40123 Bologna


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