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Museo archeologico nazionale di Venosa


The museum, hosted in the aragonese castle built in 1470 by Pirro del Balzo, preserves archaeological findings from the latin colony of Venusia, founded in 291 b.C., from the prehistoric era till the late roman phase of the city. In the epigraphic section is a collection of pubblic and funerary inscriptions from pre-roman to medieval period.


piazza Castello
85029 Venosa


Monday-Sunday 9.00 am - 8.00 pm; Tuesday 2.00 pm -8.00 pm

Situazione Emergenziale Aperture :

Aperture Attive

Ph: +39 0972 36095
Closure: Tuesday morning
Full: 2,50 € (Including entrance to the archaeological site)
Reduced: 2,00 €