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Museo archeologico nazionale di Amendolara


The Museum is dedicated to Vincenzo Laviola, a doctor, scholar and lovers of antiquity of Amendolara, also actively involved in the preservation and custody of the historical and archaeological heritage of his area.The Laviola collection mainly consists of metal evidences and ceramic fragments from the protohistoric period (XII-VIII century B.C.), preserved in the small Civic Museum, established in the sixties of the last century.The evidences are mainly coming from the excavations made between the late sixties and seventies from the calabrian superintendence under the coordination of the professor Juliette de la Genière, revealing the sepulchral areas located in the zone of Paladino and Mangosa and its archaic town of S. Nicola.The museum itinerary pass through the various historical period of one of the most important and significant sites in the upper Ionian sea, where the Iron Age indigenous succeeded the to the Bronze Age ones, amalgamating in the Greek people. Here, the colonization didn't generate a big fracture, as was in other sites of the area, completely disappeared with the advent of the Greeks.In the museum, the subsequent historical phases are less documented because they weren't investigated by regular archaeological research, in fact, they are the result of random evidences.Two audio-visual guides, available in four languages, describe the various steps of the Amendolara community, from prehistory until nowadays.


piazza Giovanni XXIII
87071 Amendolara


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