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Museo archeologico nazionale di Crotone


The Archaeological National Museum of Crotone opened to the public in 1968 and is among the most important in Calabria. The building, designed by the architect Franco Minissi, is located near one of the ramparts of the city walls which date back to the XVIth century. The Museum is a few steps from the Castle of Charles V, in the historic heart of the city.In its most recent staging, inaugurated in 2000, the Museum offers an exhibition route laid out on two floors.On the ground floor, the visitor is guided, according to chronological order, to the discovery of the main historical time periods of the ancient Greek city of Kroton. Starting from the relationship with the indigenous communities already present at the time of its foundation (second half of the VIII century B.C.), it proceeds through the history of ots athletes, doctors and philosophers, up to late antiquity. There are also displays explaining the urban archeology and a section devoted to the kits of the necropolis of the Carrara site.The second floor offers an overview of settlements in the territory (Krimissa, Petelia, Makalla) which fall in geographical areas rich in mythical traditions and linked to fundamental cults of the Greek city-states (Sirens, Philoctetes, Apollo Alaios) and continues with the main sanctuaries of the city. The sanctuary of the Goddess Hera Lacinia, at Capo Colonna, enjoys particular prominence. Among its treasures are golden diadem (a crown worn by Hera) and a fascinating yet equally mysterious small nuragic boat made of bronze. Both are recognized for their unique beauty and unusual craftmanship.


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