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Do you know how many state museums, monuments and archaeological sites there are in Italy? Over 500. You’ll find them all here.

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Museo e Parco archeologico nazionale di Locri

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Museo e Parco archeologico nazionale di Locri

The precious finds narrate the passage from the Greek colony to the Roman city.

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Apart from the special statute regions of Valle d'Aosta, Trentino Alto Adige and Sicily, which manage and coordinate the museums, archaeology areas and parks, and monuments located within their territory.
  • Liguria

    • Villa Rosa – Museo dell’Arte Vetraria Altarese

      Altare See page »
    • Museo Archeologico di Chiavari – Palazzo Rocca

      Chiavari See page »
    • Galleria nazionale di Palazzo Spinola

      Genova See page »
    • Museo archeologico nazionale e zona archeologica di Luni

      Ortonovo See page »
    • Fortezza di Castruccio Castracani – Castello di Sarzanello

      Sarzana See page »
    • Area archeologica di Albintimilium e Antiquarium

      Ventimiglia See page »
    • Museo preistorico dei “Balzi Rossi” e zona archeologica

      Ventimiglia See page »