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Quaderni della Valorizzazione. New Series

The new addition to the series of books entitled “Quaderni della Valorizzazione”, edited by Manuel Roberto Guido – director of Department II – aims to inform the general public of the outcome of certain projects promoted and accomplished by the Directorate-General of Museums.

The first volume of the new part of the series, “Guidelines to communication in museums: indoor signs, captions and panels”, by Erminia Sciacchitano and Cristina Da Milano, is available now. The aim of the publication is to supply those who work in museums and cultural places with a tool to encourage active participation by users of cultural heritage. The book is available in Italian for free download from this page.

Forthcoming publications:

  • “A brand of excellence for the Italian territory. Art, culture and landscape”, edited by Luca Moreschini, Giovanni Ramello and Walter Santagata.
  • “Getting to know museum visitors. Studies, researches, monitoring and assessment systems at national and international level”, edited by Alessandro Bollo.
  • “Tourist capacity: a cultural heritage management tool”, edited by Giulio Mondini.
  • “Strategic cultural development plans. Territorial plans for integrated development of cultural heritage. 1, Analysis of the state of the art; Vol. 2, Guidelines”.
  • “The role of the UNESCO mark in developing the territory for tourism”, edited by Ludovico Solima.

All the publications in the series are available in Italian.