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MuD. Museo Digitale (Digital museum)

Comparing ideas for the innovation of the cultural web.

Generated by the collaboration between the Directorate-General of Museums and Ales Spa – the in-house cultural heritage company, MuD aims to improve the performance of Italian museums in the digital context, strengthening the technological aspect of communication in order to develop cultural heritage at national and international level.

MuD starts with the conviction that technology is able to amplify the cultural message – offering users other opportunities to experience the museum, apart from visits – and intends to tangibly support them in planning their digital identity and in identifying an effective audience engagement strategy.

Presented at the Social Media Week Rome, MuD started up on 10 June 2015, announcing MiBACT’s intention to create the Museum 3.0, with the involvement of all stakeholders.

The Digital Museum project was born during the Cultural heritage reform, which focuses on the creation of a national museum system, pressing on the accelerator of the theme of development.

MuD intends to take this opportunity, which is embodied in the museum sphere through the creation of a network that efficiently and effectively unites over 4000 museums spread throughout Italy.

The MuD team is coordinated by Simona Cardinali (Communications Director of Ales and Project Manager of MuD), in collaboration with Serena Cinquegrana (Ales), and is assisted by experts in cultural heritage and digital technology, including Giuseppe Ariano, Alessandro Bollo, Alfredo Esposito and Maria Teresa Natale.

The project is directly supervised by the new-born Directorate-General of Museums, which completed the mix of knowledge, skills and abilities required to achieve the project’s aims. Manuel Roberto Guido – Director of Service II of the Directorate-General of Museums– leads the MuD team, with the knowledge of the world of cultural heritage and the desire for innovation that has inspired the numerous projects that he has managed.

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