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Scopri il tuo museo (Discover your museum)

An educational and playful project addressed to a wide audience, a journey inside the hidden treasures of our country.

Born from the synergie between Sed – Centro per i servizi educativi del museo e del territorio (Center for the Educational Services of the Museum and of the Territory) of the Directorate-General for the Education and the Research and the Educational Services of the Directorate-General of Museums, Scopri il tuo Museo (Discover your museum) is a project designed for children from 6 to 11 years, families and teachers.

The project is an invitation to the discovery of the hidden heritage of 40 museums located in all the Italian regions through an educational instrument called “thematic map” (available in Italian). Created to communicate in a simple and funny way, thanks to a nice design and a clear and focused language, the thematic maps are useful instruments, which can be helpful also for an audience with specific difficulties. They represent a valid help for the visitor that begins to know Italian cultural heritage for the first time or for those who are learning italian language, becoming a way to integration for the foreigner communities.

It is possibile to download the first maps from the website

Scopri il tuo museo has the aim of encouraging curiosity towards art. Young visitors are invited to communicate their feedback about the visits, writing a comment and voting the museum they enjoyed the most on the postcards. They can be sent by normal mail or through the online form and will be published on the Sed website: the most interesting ones will be awarded.

Information about the initiative can also be found in Focus Junior, the monthly magazine and website dedicated to kids edited by Mondadori Science Editorial Group, which is in charge for the editing and the graphics of the project.