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Museo Liquido (Liquid Museum)

On the 1st of July, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari (National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari) presented the first outcome for the Liquid Museum project, winner of the public online consultation “Cultura senza ostacoli” (Culture without obstacles), promoted by the Directorate General of Museums – Special projects office – to finance interventions of physical and sensory accessibility to cultural heritage.

Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari

The term “liquid” is borrowed from the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman’s theory. However, the project reverses the sense of fragility and instability of the original theory. A museum is liquid if it is ready to consider its own content, technologies and methods of fruition not as a stable reality, but prepared for change, hand in hand to the liquidity of contemporary society and to the new audiences.

The project illustrates accessibility in several aspects – physical, sensory, cognitive and digital – in order to realise them in different ways: opportunities for training, workshops, participatory planning activities with national and local associations. It’s part of the project also the renovation of exhibition spaces and communication, expanding the use of technology for the fruition and sharing of content.

Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari is therefore set to become a museum for everyone: children, elderly peolpe, foreigners, people with special needs, and it is able to assume different shapes and sizes to suit the characteristics of each of his visitors, for a satisfactory and equal enjoyment of its important collections.

Further information are available (in Italian) on the website

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