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“Sleeping Beauty” Project

The initiative of the Directorate-General of Museums aims to create a shared network of the resources within the warehouses of Italian museums, in order to develop activities of research, conservation and promotion of the Italian cultural heritage abroad.

The Directorate-General of Museums has the task to promote cultural agreements with Italian and international institutions, to facilitate the international circulation of works of art. The Museitaliani Project aims to launch a possible collaboration with the managers of interested museums to set up in their cultural sites a section of Italian artworks.

“Sleeping beauty” fits into this context by offering an organized and shared access to information on precious works of art and important archaeological findings of the State museums warehouses.

A systemic survey, carried out in partnership with museums’ directors and curators, allowed the creation of a solid works database, which accounts for the complexity of the Italian cultural heritage. Quantity and quality of the collected data permit fast and reasoned exploration, allowing to develop educational and exhibition projects.

Special attention is addressed to the selection of works preserved in museum warehouses. Works whose beauty might appear “blurred” by their state of conservation. In this perspective, the resources of Italian museums are not only thought for exhibition purposes, but they become a formidable opportunity for research and restoration for Italian and foreign scholars and experts.

“Sleeping Beauty” project managers:
Fabio Pagano –
Francesca Condò –
Federica Zalabra –


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